cx career conference 2019


The Customer Experience (CX) Career Conference is a CX initiative by Neetch Company to empower the frontline with the requisite skills and knowledge to not only function effectively in their customer service (CS) or CX roles but also how to build a successful career in CX whilst being CX Ambassadors in their organizations.

The CX Career Conference will serve as a platform for levels 1 to 2 customer service/customer experience agents, executives, assistants, officers, etc in organizations to learn more about; themselves, new trends in CS & CX, their role in customer/business growth and how to build a successful career in CX.

Lectures, discussions and interactive clinics at the event will be focused on how participants can win in excellent CX delivery as CX ambassadors through

  • Business etiquette (email, telephone, social media, online and face-to-face)
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Customer complaint management
  • Attitude and personality type management
  • Personal branding and effectiveness
  • Customer and business (organizational) understanding


The customer experience (CX) career conference is targeted at levels 1 & 2 customer service/experience agents, executives, assistants, associates, officers, etc in organizations across different sectors. These are the people responsible for attending to customer queries i.e. enquiries, requests or complaints i.e. ‘the frontline’


By attending the summit, all participants will get:

  • Certificate of attendance (e-copy)
  • Meet with and receive career advice from seasoned CS/CX leaders that have grown through the ranks i.e. customer service/experience operations into management and strategy
  • Training on functional customer experience delivery i.e. business etiquette, communication & interpersonal skills, personal mastery & branding, customer & business understanding as well as managing personality  types and attitude. This will be deployed via CX Clinics that will be held during the conference and participants are expected to pick a clinic of interest i.e. one topic 
  • FREE copy of CX practical guide - Customer Pulse Check 


  • Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019
  • Venue: ConSol Limited, Block 2, Consol House, Consol Close, Off, Plot C Apapa-Oshodi ExpressWay, Lagos
  • Time: 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • Attendance Fee: NGN18,000 



  • deBBie akwara (Speaker): Founder/Principal CX Consultant, Neetch Company 
  • Joy Nwadubasim (Facilitator/Panelist): CEO, Xclusive Criteria Consulting Limited
  • Sade Coker (Facilitator/Panelist): CEO, Coker & Castle Limited
  • Kikanwa Akpenyi (Facilitator/Panelist): Group Head, Customer Experience & Analytics, Heritage Bank
  • Nduka Mba-Uzoukwu (Facilitator/Panelist): Managing Partner, CX-Practice 
  • Christiana Okenla (Facilitator/Panelist): Assistant General Manager, Customer Experience & Advocacy, iPNx Nigeria Limited


Here is what participants had to say about their experience at the CX West Africa Summit 2019.